Information on classes that are onLine or using Live Streaming
with regards to COVID-19

MicroSoft Teams and Class Times

It is a very unusally time for us. This also includes how classes might be conducted. With exception to the normal onLine classes, some of the triditional Face to Face (F2F) classes will meet using Live Streaming, away from campus. Those classes will be using MicroSoft Teams. A link will be on the Canvas course page.

Classes that meet via Teams will meet at the normal class time. These classes will be noted as "Live Streaming". Note: Times listed on the myCourse page of my website is in reference to Central Time. If you are not in that time zone, be sure to adjust your time so you will be in attendence for your class, which is required.

It is best to 'come to class' using a computer or tablet. Although you could use a smartphone (there's an app for that), it is better to have a full view. Also, you will be able to take better notes if you are sitting down. It is best if you treat this as a normal class, the best we can in this less than normal time.

High-speed internet is highly recommended. A webcam is optional, but a good idea to have. You will need a webcam for exams, anyway.

Taking Exams Using ProctorU

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your home. ProctorU's Automated service is available 24/7 and does not require scheduling. However, F2F Live Streaming classes will be required to take the exam during the normal class time, as that's when myMathLab will have the exam available.

You will need a ProctorU account and the ProctorU Chrome extension installed for the program to work properly. Creating a ProctorU account is easy. Simply visit to create your account. Additionally, you may install the extension by visiting this link: Chrome Extensions

Mac users may have to adjust settings in order to be able to test through ProctorU. See article HERE

A Pearson/ProctorU Auto Support Link is HERE

Students will be responsible for fees that will be paid directly to ProctorU using a debit or credit card. Each exam will cost the student $4.25.

In order to use ProctorU you will need the following:
Both onLine and F2F Live Streaming students will use ProctorU to take all exams.

Visit the test taker resource center to learn more.

Student Video

Please note: You will be recorded as you take your exam. You must be alone while taking your exam. You cannot leave the exam area. You must not have an electronic devise other than an approved calculator. Absolutely no cell phones. Do not navigate away from your exam. Do not attempt to open new tabs or a new browser. No notes or formula sheets (the departmental formula sheet will be provided within your exam), or other resources of any kind (except a graphing calculator) are allowed for use during testing. Any attempt to access other resources during an exam will be considered an act of academic dishonesty and will earn a grade of 0 for the exam. If academic dishonesty is suspected, you may be required to complete the next exam with a different level of proctoring, at an additional cost. If academic dishonesty is observed, I will follow the policies set forth in the college catalog.

Important: - To receive credit for your exam, you must show your CORRECT work in proper numerical order in an organized, neat manner. Each step, including your solution, needs to be present. You will be required to scan your written work from the exam into a pdf file then email it to me at This should be done within 20 minutes of completing your exam. Please remember that your exam and the homework assignment in myMathLab (MML) will both be time stamped. If this is not completed in a timely fashion and according to these directions, you are not only eligible for full credit for the exam. We will practice this on a quiz before the first exam.

ProctorU Testing Protocols

ProctorU will allow you to begin and finish your test even if you have not followed testing protocols. Your testing session will be reviewed after the fact and if testing protocols are found to be violated, your testing session will be flagged for further review.

The following is a partial list of testing protocol violations:

Testing Protocols Violation Consequences

If your testing session is found to violate testing protocols, your grade on the respective exam will be reduced by at least 35% (or to a zero for major violation) and no bonus points will be awarded on the exam.

You may be denied access to future tests until satisfactory communication with your instructor has been achieved.

You may be required to take future tests with a higher level of proctoring. ProctorU offers live proctoring which requires the student to schedule an appointment for an exam based on proctor availability. Live proctoring costs significantly more than $4.25 per exam.

Remember, this page is for those who are using ProctorU Testing
(Live Streaming and onLine Classes)